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Pretty-U ™
Electric Powder Puff.

Vibrating makeup applicator.
Get a make-up base with professional results. Its low-frequency vibrating microwaves melt the make-up on your skin evenly. It covers imperfections and makes your skin soft.

Only €54.50


Pretty-U ™
26 Piece Cosmetic Case.

Get the perfect look with this complete beauty chest. Contains 26 pieces including a wide variety of eye shadows, nail varnishes, lipsticks, blushers, brushes, an eyebrow comb, and even a small, compact-style mirrored case to put your favourite colours in. The aluminium carrying case protects its contents and means you can take it with you wherever you like.

Only €99.50


Pretty-U ™
24 makeup brushes

Complete set of 24 makeup brushes for beauty centre results. Wooden pieces with high-quality synthetic hair bristles. Includes eyebrow comb, eyelid smudge brush, eye and lip brushes, foundation and blusher brushes, and an elegant storage case.

Only €65.50


Pretty-U ™
Superstar LED Mirror

Get the perfect lighting to achieve the ideal look, thanks to the Pretty U™ portable mirror with LED lights. It features 16 LEDs and a switch with touch sensor. Additionally, you can adjust the rotation to more than 180º. Its detachable base features a hole for your beauty accessories. Works with 4 AA batteries.

Only €56.85


Pretty-U ™
Zoom Mirror

Get the perfect look with Zoom Mirror. Thanks to its powerful magnification and its LED lights, you’ll be able to put your make-up on or shave, and look splendid. It features a suction pad and a magnetized base to position it. Works with 2 AAA batteries.

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